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We have the opportunity throughout the year to attend educational breeder seminars. Listenening to speakers to earn Continued Education Credits towards our Education.
Here is an ongoing list of what we have learned.
2018 Continued Education Credits
Legislative Update
~Chris Fleming

2017    51.5 Hours of Continued Education Credits

The Pet Xchange
~Richard Kirk
AKC and Programs
~Kathy Peaker
Kennel Inspections and Dog Health
~Dr. Neil Willard
Update on USDA Changes
~Barb York
Taking Quality Pet Pictures
~Christie Boswell
My Little Puppy
~Owner Presentation
Benefits of Health Testing
~Dr. Brandon Sinn
MAHA Association 7 CEU Hours
~Dr. Brandon Sinn DVM, Brent Haden Esq, Karen Strange
APRI Teleconference 10/27/2017
~Avenue Vet Clinic Professional Dog Breeders achieving success
APRI Teleconference 9/7/2017
~ Runway Pet's APRI Your Knowledge to the public
Animals Under Fire
~Sandy Nance
Oklahoma Pet Professionals 4 CEU's 4-28-17
~OK Dept of AG, Bob Yarnall, Dr. Kallaman, Joe Grissom and Stacy Mason
APRI Teleconference 4-6-2017
~Dr. Ben Hatler Canine Vaccination Protocol
APRI Teleconference 2-9-2017
~Dr. Bramalge Revival Animal Health
St. Puppy's Day 2017
Creating a Business Plan
~Stacy Mason, AKC Senior Field Rep
Kennel Biosecurity
~Dr. Lemac Morris, DVM
Canine Legislation and Regulatory Review
~Mike Bober, President/CEO PIJAC
Animal Rights v. Property Rights, a Legal Perspective
~Elizabeth Rumley, Senior Attorney, National Ag Law Center
Stand Up For Animal Welfare: Talking to the Public
~Dr. Karen Christensen, Assoc. Professor, Center of Excellence for Poultry Science
The Future of Puppy Retailing
~Brian Winslow
Probiotic Odor control
~Jaron McCulley
World Pet Association (WPA)/Center for Canine Welfare
~Jim Boschee
Canine Care Certified: The Future of Professional Dog Breeding
~Katie Sabatino, Center for Canine Welfare
BLC Update
~Janet Donally, President
USDA Info & Update
~Bernadette Juarez
Canine Reproductive Nutrition
~Dr. Raj Naik
Improving our Image & Canine Care Certified Program
~Hinda Mitchell
Legislative Updates
~Karen Strange, Rep. Sonya Anderson, Rep. Hannah Kelly, and Rep. Charlie Davis
Other Causes of GI Problems in Kennels
~Dr. Brandon Sinn
MO ACFA Update
~Matt Rold, Dept. of Ag Coordinator
Kennel Question and Answers
~Dr. Beard

2016    25.5 Hours of Continued Education Credits

Neonate Survival
~Dr. Brandon Sinn
USDA Compliance
~Cindy Neis
APRI Teleconfrence 12-8-16
Pregnancy Toxemia
~Dr. Bramlage
Pinnacle Pets
APRI Teleconfrence 9-8-16
Health Testing from Parents to Puppies
~Dr. Bramlage
St. Puppies Day 2016
Knowing Retailers and legislators
~Mike Isaac
Purdue Breeder Study
~Dr. C Croney
Odor Control
~Dr. G. Rybka
Mother Infertility
~Dr. D. Bramlage
Rehoming Retiring pets
~Stacy Mason
~ Nick Acosta
MO Gubernatorial Canidate
~Catherine Hanaway
APRI Teleconfrence 10-27-17
~Avenue vet Clinic
2016 Canine Care Workshop 6.5 CEU credits

2015  Hours of Continued Education Credits

2016 Missouri Kennel Compliance/Legislative Update
~Matt Rold MDA and Karen Strange MoFED
St. Puppy's Day 2015 6 hours education
Fading Puppy
~Dr. Gartner
Kennel Management
~Dr. Bramlage
~Ed Sayers
~Chris Fleming
Adult to-do's
~Stacy mason
2.25 hour Confirmation
~Pat Hastings
AKC Breeding Basics
~Online course
Raising Quality Puppies
~Chris Fleming and Dr. Scott Gardner
Dog Nutrition
~ Dr. Brandon Sinn

Continued Education Classes attended