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Happy Customers
Hi Jenny, Logan is AMAZING! What a great little boy he is I just love him to death...I don't think I'll ever have another breed. Thanks Again!
DanetteJust a couple of recent pictures for you. Hes up to just over 10 pounds and is still as amazing as ever. In a couple years I hope to get a distant realative of his from you.....Happy Halloween -DanetteWell I got the baby for my wife but she has decided she is mine. We nick named named her Scooch . She sleeps with us and takes the whole bed up, so we always have to tell her to scooch over. We love her! Thank you again for sending (me) whoops, I mean my wife the puppy. 
She is well loved! ShawnHudson is growing up to be quite a little gentleman and VERY spoiled! He is sitting with Hannah who just turned 12 yesterday. We love him very much. Thanks!!
Stacey Little Hudson & Hannah in Whyoming. I just wanted to tell you again thank you so much for a wonderful dog. He is doing very well and we have changed his name to Cooper. He is spoiled as ever and gets so much attention!!! 
NicoleWe cant even explain to you how happy we are and we don't know what we would do without her!  
We decided to change her name to Bella Bianca (B.B) a touch of our Italian roots.  :) 
Thank you again so much for our new addition! -Dale, Mikella  & Bella.Thanks for this beautiful puppy.  

She is a wonderful addition to our family and we all love her.  
Everyone that sees her thinks she is the cutest puppy they have 
ever seen 
(we don't have many beagles around here).
Have a great 2009.  We'll stay in touch.
Little Ginger is such a Joy! Thanks -RachelThank you soo much. Little Sassy is a Joy!  -StephanieThank you so much for little Iggy/Smoochy. He is so much fun. He is a really smart little guy too. He is loving our 80 degree weather! Smoochy is bringing us tons of laughs! We both love him alot. -ColleenWell Mr. Snuffy Graduated from Puppy School today.  I was so proud of him.  He obeyed all of his commands on the first attempt....unlike the others in his class.  He was the star today.  Now we are on to Intermediate class next month.  Don't you just love his cap and gown?  I know I do.  :)  ColleenDestiny is now Denali.  -AngelaSpud at his first Vet Visit. -MikeSpud has his ears up!Just letting you know that Tux (his new name is Ethan) has been awesome!! he fits in perfectly with my other shih tzu.  At first my other shih tzu (Eli) wasnt really sure what to do with him but now if Ethan is playing with a toy Eli tries to get him to play with him!! Thank you! AllisonTux & Eli -AllisonMattie Mae is doing great!! We are really enjoying her and she is a gorgeous little dog, with a very sweet personality. She has big back yard to run around in an we just love her to death. We were thinking about getting another beagle sometime. We will be Watching the website!. Thanks James & AmandaBowser is awesome, he is
getting pretty big and gets along well with my other dog. He is fully
potty trained and loves to dance when I bring out treats (he does it
without any training...) lol. Very cute for sure! - DavidOllie is doing very well.  He is just the cutest and everyone thinks he looks like a stuff animal.  He is getting along well with my other dog and they keep us entertained with their constant running around.  We just adore him!

Ollie the Cockapoo  -Brianne

Baron is now Takoda. Thanks! KristinaHey, Happy Holidays! My Girlfriend loves her and Honey gets along with our lab very well. Enjoy the Pictures! -Dan & CarolynIvy & Jayden ----- Now Liberty Belle & Betty Boo.   Pat and BetteJust wanted to let you know that Kaylee is growing and very content with living in Wyoming!  She is a great dog and learning things fast. she howled for the first time the other day!!  Surprised us all!! Thank you for providing quality dogs and we wish you the best.  Roger and PeggyWe have the best time with our Puggle puppy and have become very attached to her. I enclosed a picture of Daisy with our daughter, Sarah, on the trampoline. She loves to run around on the trampoline. When the kids are on it without her she stands directly underneath begging to be included. -Chris
Hunter is a well mannered dog, Very nice.  Thank YOu! -BrianHey Jenny! we are glad to say Dalton whom is now named Jack (JD) Dalton. Has grown to be 6 pounds and is the smartiest happiest dog. He is such a babydoll and demands to be treated like a baby. Even the occasional "rocked to sleep" heres a picture of him.
And again Thank you!Jenny,
Attached are pictures of Mallory with her big sisters.  She fits right in with the family!!  We love her so much!  Thank you!

-tAMMYMallory with big sisters Cocoa & MattieKelly now Names Lucy in Florida!. -Vincentlennon f.k.a. Rookie.  We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him and let you know what an amazing puppy he is!  He is SO smart and has already learned 13 tricks!!!  We can't thank you enough and tell you how much we love him and wwhat a wonderful addition to our family he is! 
-JamiPiper now Trixiehe is doing well... and feeling at home now.. :)   he is a very good puppy.. 
He is doing Fantastic!! He already is house broken!!! He can stand, dance, sit, shake hands, lay, stay, crawl, speak, and almost got rolling over still working in it. we have been throwing your website around like candy at a parade, we have been completely 110% satisfied with our decision. -LoganBennie the Beagle with JoelHe's been wonderful. Behavior is excellent and he is completely tuned into us. He listens, he has been a fast learner, and we are through week 5 of puppy training. Sit, shake, lie down, stay: all check; leash walking: check. He's been a blast. Take care,

> Matt and MariaAngus the Rodesian Ridgeback!He is so very smart. He is already potty trained, he rings a bell every time he wants to go outside.  We refer to him as the bell monster, because he rings it about every 5 minutes!  We named him Willy, and we love him to death, thanks so much. -AmandaHi Kenya,
> Just wanted you to know that we are having a great time with
> Teddy!!! He is so much fun and so gorgeous!!!  He is adorable and wonderful. thanks again for everything!
> sharon just wanted to send you an E-mail thanking you for introducing us to this wonderful little creature. Part dog, part pig, some bat, frog and a little gremlin(dont feed her after midnight).She has such a fiesty personality, and is clever to boot.
We named our puppy, Neyo. We love him to death, he is sooo cute. He sleeps in bed with me and most times in his little bed. He's feisty and has probably eaten every good pair of shoes I own...but ha ha besides that, he is great. Thanks :) MelvinnaHi Kenya,  Rebel is doing great, and his new name is Otis. I just thought I would send you some pictures with my other dog Merrie. They are getting along well.  More to come soon -KristinaRebel now Otis!Toufic and Patterson at the airport.
 Hello Jenny,
Emerson is doing fine He really fit in just great .He really came to life today .Yes he is a cuttle bug follows me everywhere.Thank you! -  Denise & Ed
Wilson the Beagle in California with Nancy and Family!HELLO
Just wanted to let you know I love my little puppy he is a joy.  He has an incredible personality.... everywhere I take him people comment and ooh and aww. He is very affectionate and likes to sleep on my shoulder or my chest.  I have changed his name to Mr. Sugar. Thanks soo much -Sharron
Hi Jenny and Kenya!

I have enclosed several pics of the girls. They are doing great!! They sleep together and play all the time. I thought you would like to see some pics....and possibly add them to your website!!

Thank you so much!!!

Stephanie and Vince Hey Jenny,

Here is a picture of me and Ella, she is doing great, and has lots of people that love her!

Hi Jenny!I just wanted to say thank you for my shichon puppy Ellie (Alice)! She isa joy to have around and loves to play with our German Shepherd Kate!  Now she is 12 weeks old and is doing great!She loves people and has a wonderful personality! I just wanted to say thank you. Carrie Hey Kenya! I just wanted to write you a quick email to give you an update on Riley. I still think he's the cutest little man ever and he is spoiled rotten! Thanks again for all you've done to bring Riley (Trip) into our family. He is very much loved and we enjoy him very much. 
Laura Hello, Amos (now known as Parker) has adjusted well to his new home.  He recently went to the vet and physically he is healthy.  I have included some pictures of him. Thanks again for this amazing pet, enjoy the pictures!-- Ray 
Wesley the Dobie!Bella the YorkieWesley and Bella Snuggling!CherryHi Kenya! Riley is almost 5 months old now. He's growing a lot! He graduated from puppy school a few weeks ago. He is very loveable, we love him very much. Attached are some new family pictures. Enjoy!

RileyHi Jenny 

Abner is doing just fine with his new big sister Gracie…..we love him!

Thanks again!


Kansas the Yorkie and Tatoo.Here are a couple of pictures of Schatzie (Jackie)……………………  My wife and I renamed her a German name, where the doberman originated from……….

Schatzie is such a wonderful dog, and we love having her and she is spoiled rotten………

Hey Jenny, I just wanted to send a few updated photos of Columbo, re-named Winston: ) He's always on the move so getting a good picture was kind of tricky. Anyhow, he is such a hoot and we are enjoying him very much! 

Thanks again!
JessicaKenya,  Here are some photos of Zuma @ 7 months old.  I get nothing but good remarks about this dog.  Both his looks and behavior are excellent. Yes, he is a Phillies fan. I hope all is well with you and yours.   Sincerely,  Steve Tanker the English Bulldog, Living it up in Texas!!Tanker at Lake Travis.Sydney the Silky!Bella the Boston Terrier!Just wanted to let you know how wonderful our little Westie, Teddy is! He's been a therapy dog-  He is a true joy!! Please tell Leila how much we love him and how great he is!  Again, our heart felt thanks for bringing us little Teddy.
> Sharon 
He is absolutely wonderful and we love him so much.  He is very small, which we like, and weighs about 17 lbs. He loves to play and sleep in the middle of our bed. Thank you so much for him and I will keep your information if we decided to get another beagle.
KatieHere's a couple of pictures of Toby.  His older brother Cooper wouldn't admit for all the treats in the world that he actually likes the little stinker.  

Amy Hello Jenny!  Here are a few pictures of the puppies!  Meet Bella and Coco!  They absolutely love each other and have become best friends!!  Thank you so much for both of them, we couldn't ask for better dogs!  -Mikella, Dale, Bella and Coco.
I am so sorry it has taken me so long to send you pictures.  This is Bridget born on 3/18/09.  We changed her name to Zoey.  She is now about to turn 5 months old and is doing great!!  She is such a sweet dog!  
April   HI MY NAME IS NENNA {AMBER} I'M GETTING BIGGER!!Here is a few pictures of Owen. He is a great dog very loving and ALOT of fun. In the 1st picture he is acting like a cat on the couch and the 2nd he is lounging in the chair after a swim in the pool. We love him thank you!!! Hi Kenya,  Sorry it took so long to send you an update and picture of Caycee(Tilly).She is a great dog ,everthing you said she would be and more! always playful and good tempered. Thank so much for helping us get a dog who is a perfect fit for our family.
DebbieTaz, formerly Gabe with Ingrid!! He is such a good dog!!!Hello Jenny, Emereson is now 1 and  wonderful his name should of been shadow since no matter where i go he is behind me and now the little one follows him too i am so glad he has a playmate! Well take care   Happy New Year DeniseHI!! This is Brian and Angela, we got Bailey a few months ago (born July 4th) and just wanted to send pics of her Christmas outfit..... havn't gotten a really good still pic, she's always moving but here's a few anyhow. Thanks, happy holidays!!
Mandy the Cairn......Now known as COCO!!Hi kenya just thought i would send you a picture and let you know{ boris} we now call him zeus is doing great. He is a wonderful dog. Thankyou so much. Amanda, chris, christopher,kailey.
Hi Kenya, His new name is Tucker.  He is a sweet, lovable little guy.  He loves to cuddle and is attached at my hip!!!  Where we live there are a bunch of little restaurants/bars which allow dogs, so he's very socialable and always out and about meeting new friends.  We love eachother!  Katie &TuckeHello!
My name is Jessie Holifield and I bought a beagle puppy (Lady) form you about a week an 1/2 ago. I just wanted to email you and let you know that everything is perfect. She is the best dog ever! I renamed her Daisy. JessiJenny, We bought Stella from you, and She is very well behaved and house trained so easily. i am so glad that I got her from you. Welove her with all our hearts and have made her a part of our family. Thank you again :) JacobKenya,
When Fancy, now known as Mollie Rae, landed in Cleveland on Halloween Day, there was no fright; just joy and delight from her new mom & dad. One look at her beautiful little face and we knew we were hooked! This little bundle of fur has brought us so much love. 
 Thank YouTeeLee is adjusting well. He is the most adorable and well behaved. Thanks for all you help through the process! GregOML! he is such a handful! everything we were looking for and more.  He has mischievous written all over him and we are all loving every moment. Thanks once again for all of your help here and will definitely be recommending your company in the future.Once again thanks for all your help on the safe arrival of our new addition. Tom and MarianThis is Sarah.  We bought our dog Masai (Mayor) a Rodesian Ridgeback from you in October of 2008. Thank you so much.  I will attach a photo of our dog for you to let you see how much he has grown!  Thank you Again!
Petey is doing great. He's a playful little explored. Thanks again. GarrettThis is my daughter Tianna with her new puppy Sarah. And Sarah's playmate Chloe.Thanks, Joann She is the happiest dog I have ever seen... just naturally happy.  So thank you and please thank your grandparents for me.   She is a lovely companion.
 I can’t tell you how happy I am with him, I feel so lucky to have him in my life.  He is a mommy’s boy that’s for sure, he follows me around 24/7! :)  I have a million pictures of him and I will try to attach a few for you.  Thanks again for everything, you made purchasing a puppy very enjoyable!Attached you will see what a 17 pound bulldog laying on a heating vent looks like. Also you can see what she has been playing in for the last 3 week, 2 feet of snow.I love my new Shih Tzu puppy, "Lizzy" that I bought from you last month. She has became an important addition to our family in the short time we have had her. I am completely satisfied with her and your service. Ida  
                                                                                  ZIggy the Shiba InuHi Jenny, 
 You can put this on your website, Happy Customers.  Sir Mason Dixon Stinson ,
I was checking out your website on the Happy Customers

My wife and I have always loved dogs, myself it's always been Beagles. Don't ask me why but they've always made great pets, hard headed as they may be. Beagles are special, warm, loving and very intelligent.
Thanks! JamesHere is a picture again use me as a reference anytime shes my baby girl.  Sebrina
Hello!  I am having a blast with my new puppy.  Her name is now Nika.  She is absolutely precious!  Thank you so much!
Kate Hi Jenny, I just wanted to give you an update on our Shichon puppy Smokey that we got from you in April. His most notable feature has turned out to be his big eyes.We're very pleased with the new addition to our family!
 DianeHi again....I thought you would want to see news pic of Diablo (aka, CoCo) with his ears up now!
   Diablo is such an awesome dog and an awesome addition to our family!!! We cannot THANK YOU enough for him!!!!
            Thanks again so, so much!!
                       Abigail, Joel & Jean AnnAs you will note she is learning to read.



Hi Kenya,
           I just wanted to pass along a couple more pictures of Tucker (Ashton).  He is 7 1/2 months old, about 10 pounds, and the most amazing dog in the world (if I do say so myself!!)  Thank you so much for this amazing dog, my life is changed for the better because of him.  JodyJust wanted to update you on originally Maggie but changed to Jaycee. She is full of excitement and has made many great friends around our neighborhood particulary our neighbor beagle Putter who is a one year old female.   Thank you,
Blake Benny is a wonderful new addition to our family, he loves his big brother very much, he is a very loving pet. I love him very much! His new mom, Cindy We can't thank you and your grandparents enough! We are just in love w/ our newest addition, Valentino Castiel .
I have added a couple of photos and Valli and his sisters, too.
> Take Care,
> Carol and Jami
Sadie, as the “old” lady of the house, is particularly calm compared to the rambunctious Callie. GaryCallie the French bulldogWe just wanted to let you know that we are in love with Johnny.  The kids have named him Winston.  He did great last night.  He never made a peep.  The kids are already trying to teach him all kinds of fun tricks.  We are looking forward to many years of memories with Winston.

Thank you,
DavidZIGGY THE SHIBA INU :)Duka all grown up!Duke the silky Terrier :)Tyson is wonderful!! Thank you, so far the transition has been pretty easy. Not much crying last night at all. Vet tomorrow. He is very, very loved.PattiKenya,

He is very lovely and adorable. Here are some pictures. He is a great edition to the family.


Kevin 9-25-10
Hi Jenny & Kenya -
We came up from Arkansas at the beginning of October and bought Bandit from Jenny.  We named him Cody and he is such a sweet puppy!  We have really enjoyed him, he is very playful with our 4 year old twins, He has been very healthy and we get comments on him everywhere we go. MaryI absolutely love her, she is just the cutest thing with such a playful personality. Thank you so much! Lauren
We are lucky to have found such as well behaved puppy! Thank you! 
LindsayGotti the English BulldogHi Jenny
I am sending you a picture of McCoy now known as Smooches. We absolutely LOVE him. We have had him for 1 year today and is a joy. Also my groomer was wondering if you still bred wheatens she is interested. She also loves Smooches. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, LisaHi , how are you !! Thank you everything for tenley she is so cute and playful puppy . She is doing good :) im sooo happy to have her make us big smile just watching her . 

AyakaWe purchased a Siberian Husky from you and Lisa early this summer named Chief.  Just wanted to send you some pictures.  He is doing great. Kids love him.  Ben
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and have a merry Christmas.
Happy Holiday's from Marlee (aka Gypsy) 
Christmas With Aspen, Hi Aspen is doing fine . We all love her very much and it seems the same goes for her. Here's a picture of her with our other dog Rex on Xmas day. Happy Holidays! CherylHi Jenny Here is a pic of SUKI aka Fancy. It's been 5wks.She's doing great. We love her so much. TY!!Here is picture of Princess now :) MyraGrace now known as Kola, Dixie's New baby :)this is a picture of bentley ( used to be blake) 
 we are so happy with him!!! thanks so much cant wait to get another!!
Just a little update: Our puppy’s name on your website was Matrix, we now call him Koda. He has totally changed our life for the better and I couldn’t imagine a day without him. Koda now lives in NYC, Hell’s Kitchen to be exact, where he is the talk of the neighborhood.
Sara, Kevin, and Koda 

Thought I would send you a picture update! She is just wonderful and so intelligent! She can already sit,stay, shake, and high-five!Thank you so much.I was so worried about getting a puppy I wasn't able to meet but she has exceeded all my expectations! she just LOVES the heating vent! Thanks WhitneyHottie Now Izzy Golden Retriever :)Hi Jenny,
Our puppy will be one this month, so thought it was about time to send you a picture.  We really love Ellie and she is the perfect addition to our family.

John, Toni, Bryan and Annie
We hope you appreciate the attached photo of Landon, however, we renamed him Warren.


He is amazing! His temperment is perfect he's such a good puppy. 
We just wanted to stay in touch and say thank you for raising the little one! 
Chris Hi Kenya,
> Just thought you'd like to see how Taz is growing.
Thanks again for our newest addition.....I'm totally smitten ♥
> Sam

TripHello my boyfriend and I bought a jack russel from you back in October (I attached our lastest family picture of us and chigger) and we were wanting to buy another jack russell.  AllisonHi Kenya,

 I’m attaching a couple of pictures of the puppy that we purchased from you. She has a great personality, we take her to work with us and everyone there adores her, so does our other dog (Harley).


Thanks we’ll be in touch


He is doing good and is very loving and playful. 

He is very spoiled and loves the kids, and he has become my baby I guess 
you can say.  He is great and we couldn't be happier with him.. Thank you so 

Jeff, Kelly and the kids

Kenya, I wanted to send you pics of Brandon! He is so adorable. He gets along  with my other baby sooooo well. He has changed quite a bit since he  was a baby but so freakin cute and such a good boy!   YumeHi jenny,
thought u would like to c how Ayden chose to sleep on his first nite..he did very well.
thanks again,
Hi!! I purchased a beagle puppy from you about 8 months ago (Zorro, grown up picture attached!)  and am interested in getting him a little friend.  I am wondering if Marley (female beagle) is still available?    Lubovthought I'd send you a few pics of our precious Sadie....She is almost 30lbs now and feisty!!.....and this summer we will be looking to give her a companion so hopefully you will have some more female Beabulls by that time!! 
Carl,  Lori and Sadie :) Just wanted to send you a quick email saying Zeus is everything I wanted and more.
> He is the perfect puppy!
> Thanks for everything
> Matt
I'm happy with her and in the near future I would not mind contacting you again for another one.. This time for my brother.

Hi Jenny,
Chrislyn (now Keiko)  right now she's at 10lbs and doing really well. At 3 months I'm surprise she can learn to lay down, sit, roll over, high five already.  She's been a very nice addition to our family .
 Sorry about the long delay of sending a photo of Marcy to you.  The attached photo was taken on 21 March 2011.  She is now 2 1/2 yrs young. She takes me for a four mile walk each day.
 Marcy came to live with us on 8 Dec 2010.  Thanks,
Brenda and Barry Brutus now Porter. the Beabull. 1/2 Beagle 1/2 English BulldogMaverick has turned out to be the best dog that I have ever had. His sweet puppy expressions get me everytime. I am very happy to have him in my life.
Kathleen We love her! Missy Now Riley 

JessiDebbie and Katie. Born July Fist at your place. She is a great dog! Thanks!Hello Kenya I wanted to share a few pics of Piper with you, Shes growing so quickly the first time i had her to the vet she weighed 11 pounds! Shes a happy spunky loving girl and we love her lots, thank you so much for a great addition to our family!! 
We'll keep in touch,
He is just great for our Family! 


Penelope is doing fine, I have attached a few pictures of her studying a bumble bee working on a flower pot.


Joe P.  

Teddy now Pumba, We love him soo much, he is the best puppy!! Alyssa in CAMolly is PERFECT! and so playful :) she has been renamed STELLA! Thankyou again :) I'll tag you in the picture of her on facebook!
Susan :)Thank you so much for helping us with all of our questions and for raising such a wonderful and happy puppy!

JoshHi Kenya, We thought you all might like to see some recent pictures of Lucy (previously Honey!). She's doing really well and is very affectionate. And what a big personality she has!  

-Erin & TimHayden the Doberman is HUGE!!! 
Thanks for the Pictures Sasha!Hi Kenya,
I wanted to give an update on the Siberian puppy called Storm born 9 January 2011, who is now named Diesel Spiteri Zaidel. He is sooo smart, he already locked me out from back yard patio twice now. lol
Thank you for our loving boy,
> Theresa  and Brendan Dear Jenny, 

Penny (formerly Macy) is doing very well! She is happy, full of energy, and has already settled in nicely to her new home. Thanks for everything! We couldn't be happier!

Chris & Christine
Max and Odie last night.Aries (now named Nico) is loving Tahoe! She's wonderful and we are so in love with her. ♥
CadyOur new puppy Keno (aka Milo) We love him sooo much!!
MariaBella and Chigger sleeping! Its amazing how much they love each other!
AllisonBella and Chigger the Jack Russell Terriers!
AllisonRansom has really been enjoying his time here! We adore him :)
MakalaTakeo (Gator) and his Mr. Carrot....love him sooo much!
Chantelcan't go anywhere without Paul (Buddha) right behind me! he stole my heart so fast! thank you Kenya for everything! he is perfect.
MollyMolly now Stella!
SusanWe got our puppy Delilah in August of last year. I cant imagine buying another dog from anyone but Jenny, she was so helpful in everyway.
She was so healthy and loving you can tell she was raised the right way. We cant thank you enough for everything.  KatieLove your puppies! We have little Outlaw (who we renamed Bruiser) born in fall 2009. He is such a good tempered, playful sweetheart. Here are some pics of him as a little guy and now. We just love him!

TiffanyLovin our Sadie(Mercedes)!!....she is quite the DIVA!!

LoriPeanut the Poodle! Now in Texas!We love little Ozzie soooo much!!!! Thank you soo much for our little guy! 

AftonBella is doing wonderful her in Canada. All is well she goes to the vet on sat for her shot and a check up we just love her. 
AmandaHi Jenny! Just wanted to send you a pic of stud muffin! I think I'm going to change his name to Murphi but he's been amazing so far and he's clearly very relaxed judging by the pic! Thanks for everything!
KelseyThanks for Tristin!
Very, Very Happy Customer!
this is blue at bit over 5 months.
THanks! Naroby

I'm so grateful for buying a wonderful pet from you !!  Her name is Harley, and she has brought such JOY to my life!
You here such bad things about buying pups on-line and I'm very blessed for you and your sister.! KimThis is her best friend tuckerHi my name is David and I adopted, Fenway, aka Diva from you back in July and I couldn't be happier! She is a one of the most lovable playful and happy dogs I have ever met.Hi Kenya- Jazz (Sampson) just turned one yrs old a week or so ago. Wanted to send a few pics. I always recommend you and your pups to others when they comment on how cute Sampson is and are thinking about getting one.  He is so much fun and full of personality! Hope you all are doing great! 

StacyShe fits in a hat!! just wanted to follow-up and let you know that Buddy is doing well. He just went to his second vet appointment and has a clean bill of health. He's 6.5 pounds now and I think there is a chance he might turn out wheaten because he is losing those black baby hairs. 
Thanks! Darcy and BenHappy Diesel! the shibaWags the Pug, Now Smash!!
ChristinaEmerson at christmas!Ella the Happy french bulldog!Isaac the Shiba!Max sleeping on my shoulder :) LOLWe can't say thank you enough! Max is a great puppy and it's obvious that you take take the time to work with and care for the puppies. I have no complaints, this was an easy and quick process. BrandiEven bigger butterball now 24 lbs and 6 months old a little tank short and wide. We love him soo much! Dillon the BoggleHi.  How are you??  We wanted to say thank you and show you couple picture of daisy.  She going to be 2 years old soon she is doing fine and she love play outside.  


Posie smith, Ayaka 
Thank you again for everything with him.  He goes to work with me everyday and rides in the tractor trailer with me.  He gets so upset if I don't take him to work with me.
Well Hope all is well..
Thunder Now Cooper :)He is an absolute sweetheart and everyone who sees him falls in love with him.  I attached a couple of pictures to show you how relaxed he is in his new home!
Thanks again,
Colleen My beabull Rooney is 6 months old today. She's a bit stubborn lol but is super sweet and an awesome dog. Thank you!! 
Hi Jenny,
I don’t go on Facebook too often so I thought I’d send some pictures here.

There is one picture attached of myself  and him, and the rest just of him! He is so handsome!

She is a doll and has stolen our hearts. This is her bed she will let my. Daughter share it. She is so smart.
PS no pottie problem ,, she's. PerfectThey are doing wonderfully. Rosko (mistletoe) takes good care of his sister Phoebe (sweet pie). Phoebe loves to be pampered and treated as a princess. They have a room all to themselves and their own bathtub. They are spoiled by everyone in the family. They have seen the vet and they are healthy!Hi Jenny. 
This is Ryan. I just wanted to thank you again for our wonderful puppy. She is a perfect fit for our family. Here is a recent picture of Bella and our pug Bubba.

Thanks again and happy new year!
hi jenny just wondering if you would like to see what artic/royce looks like now...he's already 6 months old btw. HugoThanks so much for giving us the chance to have him. Hope the other pups are doing well. I will try to post pictures of us with him soon. I just wanted to update you...I am attached completely!Hi Jenny...
Here are two pictures of Jenny, but they are from a while back. I need to make some new ones. Chris
I just wanted to send a couple pictures of Pistol... AKA KC Wolf for Halloween!  He has turned out to be a wonderful dog and a perfect fit for our family!  
SheramieMy son loving his puppy!!!
Thanks again 

TammyHello jenny ,I thought that you be happy to see little baby charity becoming teenager :)Have a good day Julie and PeterHi Jenny and Kenya,Just writing to say thank you for our puppy! Echo (or Binzie as she is known to us) has been a wonderful addition to our furry family. She is very playful and smart. We love her tons! Thanks again!Lauren Here  is Paris!  very happy with her new toy and home
Rubix is the perfect addition for our family, and is adjusting well! He's loving his new home, and we can't get enough of him! Thanks so very much!Rebecca & Dustin Jenny,
Eclosed in the attachments are some pics of Steeler (formerly Rio). He just had his 1 year birthday. He is an awesome dog and we just love him. He is like a little toddler that carries his blanket around all over the house.

Hey Jenny!

I hope all is well - I know we had some problems with Pistol back in the day, ha, but wanted to share how well Leo (Leonardo DiCaprio, not a joke, lol) is doing. He's almost 2 and we are so glad to have him as part of our family!

Thanks again!
Lindsey, Tommy & Leo
We are very happy withour purchase as Oskar has become a much love member of our pack. I'm attachingsome before and after pictures for your enjoyment as well as for the opportunityto show him off. Thanks again, Jim & TeresaShe likes riding on the center console in cars hahaha.

IsmaelThis pup is so relaxed and Cuddly :) My husband named him Delta Juggernaut Bomb Squad. Because he's big and slow like a juggernaut! lolThis is "Mariah" we bought from you guys she is doing great. Thank you for tho wonderful lil lady. Funny thing is we picked out the name nakita and then saw that was mommies name too. But we kept it

DaneTucker is well and very well trained. He can sit and dance. He stands on his back legs and walks in a circle. The kids love it. He is loved dearly! I will always follow my gut instinct. Tucker is perfect! Thanks so much! Have a great day:). Cathy Thanks again for Derby, he really is such a mommahs boy! I love him so much <3

BreannaI'm not sure if you remember me, but I got Lincoln, the Wheaten Terrier from you guys back in Feb. He's doing great and we couldn't have picked a better pupp!

JoeJust wanted to give you a little update on maybelle. She's just as perfect as can be. Spoiled rotten!! She sure loves her momma... Follows me almost everywhere!! Thank you for giving me a precious perfect little girl! :-)

Hi Jenny, just a quick update to let you know that Rambo is doing just wonderful! We adore him so much. Baby and BO play and sleep together, they really love each other. BO is healthy and very intelligent! He walks on the leash, sits, comes, stays and is potty trained!
Rusty & RoseJust wanted to send a quick thank you.  She is getting along very well.  Took her to the vet today and she had a clean bill of health.  :)
SarahPresley is a hoot! Thought I'd share my new favorite pix of Pres and big sister Lucy.  The vet only had good things to say, our girls adore him, he's a great follower outside and so curious.  He's even pretty good at 'sit' already.  
Thanks for a great little a great little boy!
Laura & Dean

Hi Jenny! Studley is now Mugsy.. and he is great! He is 5 yrs now and is about as spoiled as they get. My wife and I both had childhood pets but Mugsy is the first that we’ve raised from a puppy so we basically consider him our kid J. 

JosephHi Jenny,  Just wanted to check in and let you know Vegas is doing great! We couldn't be more pleased with him. He's come through every vet check with flying colors.
JulieGood evening Jenny. This is David Boettcher - I purchased Tex from you in March. My wife renamed him Sarge. He is doing great. Thank you again for Tex/Sarge. He is very loving and a great dog!
DavidShe's a happy puppy!!
She's adorable and we wouldn't trade her for anything! 

Thank you!!!

Liz T.

Thank you again for everything! We love him! He is pretty sweet boy! Have a very merry Christmas! 
Daniellewith my daughter Brielle. He's so sweet! Thanks again!!!!
                     Michelle Jenny,Today is Molly's 1 year birthday. I wanted to share with you some pictures of what she looks like now.
Thank you for our little puppy and taking care of her as a baby.  Jennifer